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Discover the supplements and sauna sessions behind Dr. Attia’s sleep regimen

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As a recognized longevity expert, Dr. Peter Attia has long been an advocate for individualized health solutions. Recently, he divulged his personal nighttime regimen on “The Drive,” his widely-acclaimed podcast. A combination of select supplements and holistic practices, Attia’s routine highlights the importance of deep, restorative sleep for overall health and wellness.

Discover the supplements and sauna sessions behind Dr. Attia’s sleep regimen

Ashwagandha, an ancient Ayurvedic remedy, has become a popular supplement in the U.S., celebrated for its potential in aiding sleep, reducing stress, and easing anxiety. While the National Institutes of Health recognizes its benefits in alleviating insomnia and stress, they caution about its long-term use due to potential liver issues and interactions with certain medications. Dr. Attia takes 600 milligrams nightly, noting a recent switch to the Solgar brand, while emphasizing he isn’t endorsing any specific product.

Lysine, essential for growth and converting fat to energy, is also known to lower cholesterol and help form collagen. While many derive their lysine from dietary sources like red meat, cheese, and fish, Dr. Attia supplements with two grams from the Thorne brand. This amino acid has gained traction among athletes for its potential role in muscle recovery.

Dr. Attia’s third supplement of choice is magnesium L-threonate from Magtein, a brand that claims its formula may enhance cognitive function and memory preservation. This specific magnesium type is believed to effectively cross the blood-brain barrier, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in its sourcing.

In addition to his supplement stack, Dr. Attia prioritizes holistic practices for optimal relaxation. Four times a week, he enjoys a 198-degree Fahrenheit cedar sauna session, asserting the benefits of heat therapy before sleep. Moreover, he abstains from food three hours prior to bedtime and limits alcohol consumption, all aimed at ensuring a deep, restorative sleep. While a structured routine benefits health, Dr. Attia underscores the significance of balance. Enjoying life’s moments, celebrations, and maintaining social interactions remain vital, suggesting it’s feasible to maintain health without extreme measures.

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