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Indian PM Modi unveils G-20 logo, theme, and website

by Ajay Rajguru

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the logo, theme and website of India’s G20 Presidency on Tuesday. It will be India’s turn to preside over the G20 from December 1. India has a unique opportunity to contribute to the global agenda on pressing international issues. Mr Modi noted that India’s G-20 presidency comes at a time of crisis and chaos. We are experiencing the after-effects of a disruptive COVID-19 pandemic, conflict, and economic uncertainty.

Indian PM Modi unveils G-20 logo, theme, and websiteAccording to PM Modi, the G-20 logo represents hope. As Modi explained, the Lotus symbol in the logo symbolizes India’s cultural heritage and faith in bringing people together. Seven petals on the Lotus represent the seven continents and seven musical notes. World harmony will be achieved through G-20, Modi said. Despite several challenges, Prime Minister Modi said India turned each challenging experience into strength.

Having started from zero after independence, India is now playing a key role in bringing the world together. The efforts of all governments over the past 75 years are included. A key aspect of bringing the world together is technology and modernization. With initiatives like One Sun, One World, and One Grid, India has led the world in conserving renewable energy. A mantra of One Earth, One Family, One Future will pave the way for global welfare, the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Modi said that other countries of the world could use many of India’s achievements. Digital technology can be used in development, inclusion, corruption prevention, ease of doing business, and ease of living for many countries. Through the Jan Dhan Account, he highlighted women empowerment and women-led development in India. Prime Minister Modi called G-20 the premier forum for international cooperation. Around 85 percent of the world’s GDP, over 75 percent of world trade, and about two-thirds of the world’s population are in this region.

The Presidency of the G-20 during Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is a matter of pride for every Indian. Modi said this summit wasn’t just a diplomatic meeting. The world trusts India with this new responsibility. According to him, there should be no first world or third world, but only one world. India’s vision and objective are to bring the world together for a better future.

Taking note of the fact that the G-20 is not solely a federal event, Prime Minister Modi urged all state governments and political parties to participate. According to him, the G-20 is a great opportunity for us to showcase our tradition of Atithi Devo Bhava or Guest is God. In addition to Delhi and a few other places, the G-20 programs will be held everywhere.

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