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U.S. investment fraud surges 38% to $4.57B, crypto scams lead

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According to the latest FBI Internet Crime Report 2023, losses stemming from cryptocurrency investment scams in the United States skyrocketed to $3.94 billion in the past year, marking a significant 53% increase from $2.57 billion recorded in 2022. The FBI’s report also reveals a broader trend in investment fraud, which surged by 38% to $4.57 billion in 2023 from $3.31 billion the previous year.

U.S. investment fraud surges 38% to $4.57B, crypto scams lead

Notably, cryptocurrency scams emerged as the leading category within this alarming rise, underscoring the pervasive nature of digital currency-related fraud. Highlighting a concerning pattern, the FBI cautions that fraudsters increasingly exploit custodial accounts within financial institutions for cryptocurrency exchanges or utilize third-party payment processors. These tactics often involve directing targeted individuals to send funds directly to these platforms, facilitating swift dispersal of illicit gains.

In a troubling revelation, investment scams have now become the most prevalent form of internet crime in 2023, accounting for over a third of the total reported losses, which amounted to a staggering $12.5 billion. This underscores the urgent need for heightened vigilance and regulatory measures to combat financial fraud in the digital age.

As the FBI’s Internet Crime Report for 2023 demonstrates, the United States is grappling with an escalating epidemic of cryptocurrency investment scams, with losses reaching unprecedented levels. With fraudsters exploiting innovative methods and leveraging the anonymity of digital assets, combating this growing threat demands a multifaceted approach involving collaboration between law enforcement, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies.

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